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Tips For Keeping It Real On Valentine's Day!

There’s always a lot of talk about how difficult Valentine’s Day can be for singles, but it’s a bit of a curly proposition for couples too - uncertain decisions, stress, unrealistic expectations, high costs and a big, fat hullaballoo and hype that would be enough to drive anyone mad.

Like at Christmas, try and remember what the day is about…NOT the most expensive gift, but rather your connection with your other half!

Keep it real with the following tips:

Don’t try to out-do each other, it’s not a competition!

If you intend to be together for a long time, then the competitive element is going to wear thin….fast!

There are only so many big holidays, dinners and gifts you can afford. So keep it real and start as you mean to go on - with thought, rather than dollars.

It’s not about the money you spend, it’s about your connection

When did Valentine’s Day become about money? Or more accurately, when was it EVER intended to be about money?

If you’re with someone who needs you to spend a lot of money on them to know that you love them, you might want to reconsider if they’re the right person for you. Don’t bankrupt yourself for a one-day impression - it’s the thought that counts.

Keep achieving connection as your goal in mind, rather than making a splash.

Agree how to handle it in advance

There will be doubts on both sides about what to do for Valentine’s Day, so maybe have a chat about it in advance and agree if you’re going to be big spenders or keep it simple.

Discussing your expectations will make each other’s preparation for the day a lot less stressful.

Remember that it’s a high stress time, don’t make any major decisions

Statistics support that more people break up around Christmas and Valentine’s Day than any other time!

Remember that it’s often very stressful (for both of you) and take it easy….don’t make any big decisions, even if you really want to punch your significant other in the throat.

Don’t criticize

Not everyone is great at buying gifts or planning a special occasion. Focus on appreciating what they DO, not what they don’t.

So keep a cool head on Valentine’s Day - it’s a day like any other. Don’t let the commercialism and media hype get to you, do what feels good rather than what feels expected, and you’ll come out the other end smiling!

Stephanie Chan is a Sydney based Life Coach, Dating Coach and Presenter.

Her passion is in working with people to improve self-worth, confidence & strength in all areas of their lives.

For daily tips, articles and insights, follow Steph on Facebook

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