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     I feel so happy and content because I've never experienced what it feels like to love me.  I'm nurturing my soul for the very first time. Whilst I've been happy in my skin for years and have always liked me - I had never learned how to love myself!!


Before, I was still focusing on ‘M’ too much but now I know that someday, I will be with the right person.  I will find my true soul mate and I'm not worried about who it is or when that day will come.  I know it will happen when it's meant to happen.


What can I say except a big, BIG thank you!  Truly amazing stuff.  I think this kind of thing should be taught in schools!"


                         Deborah Pitt, Sydney, NSW

Life coaching reveiws Sydney

     I came to see Steph about 6 mths ago without really knowing what life coaching was all about & what it could do for me.  I had heard great things about her from other people and wanted to give it a go.  I felt that I wanted to do something with my life apart from raise my family and do the housework but I just didn’t know quite what it was.  I felt like I had no direction or focus and wasn’t sure how to get any.

From the very first session I  felt energised & refreshed & ready to start making changes in my life.   Whatever I was struggling with, I always left with a positive & renewed view & approach & with specific exercises to practice & tools to draw upon.

It's been a fantastic journey & one I will continue.   There are so many goals which I have already achieved through her guidance & encouragement & so many more that I'm ready to take on.  I have a deeper understanding of who I am & where I'm going but more importantly I'm happy & confident about where I am now right now.  The techniques & approaches Steph used in the sessions & the skills she has taught me are not just for now but are life-long."


                       T. Kumar, Sydney, NSW


- T. Kumar, Revesby, NSW

Life coaching reveiws Sydney

     Steph is amazing, she is incredibly warm, helpful and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable talking from the moment we met, which is vital for the process to work. My aim in spending time with Steph was to focus on myself and to make improvements throughout my life. She has helped with my confidence by teaching me methods to understand my internal critic and to reframe negative views.


During my time with Steph I had some career issues that we ending up prioritising and I actually received a new job offer the week of my last appointment. Although my new role is taking me to New Zealand, I am hoping to keep in touch and to continue seeing Steph in the future as I found she helped me to focus on my needs and my future. I also feel more comfortable around my issues with relationships, and although I haven't yet met my long term partner I have met a few nice guys who I am still in touch with."


                       C. Davies, Christchurch, New Zealand

Life coaching reveiws Sydney

     My coaching  sessions with Steph have enabled me to really define & create an exciting plan for my life.  She has helped me to discover what is important to me, create a vision & roadmap for the future & most importantly she has helped me to become aware of & dissolve any limiting thinking & behaviours. 


I am currently well on my way to building my new life, even though it's scary at times, I have all confidence that I can create the life that I want & overcome any challenges along the way, especially now that I possess some very helpful tools, which were taught to me by Steph.  Plus its nice to know if I get stuck, Steph is available to help me to get back on track!


Coaching has been the best investment I have made recently & has allowed me to lay down a solid foundation for the next phase of my life, it’s definitely worth doing!"


                          Fiona H, Paddington, Sydney

Life coaching reveiws Sydney
Life coaching reveiws Sydney

     When I embarked on my life coaching sessions six months ago, I just wanted to achieve some happiness & contentment in my life after having come out of a really bad relationship some years earlier.  


Steph helped me grow my confidence, confront some long held fears, sparked my enthusiasm & pushed my boundaries to help me find the inner me. 


Now, because of all the work I have done with Steph on myself, I am open again to relationships & I have attracted the most amazing man into my life - I am so excited at what the future might hold & know that none of this would have been possible without walking this journey hand in hand with my life coach." 


                         J. Friedman, Sydney, NSW

     When I first met Steph I had been dating online off and on for a few years, with limited success. I had met a range of interesting guys, and while I’d had numerous coffee dates, some enjoyable dinners out and a couple of short-term relationships, none of them felt quite right. After just one session with Steph, I quickly realised I had no idea what “quite right” meant to me. I wasn’t clear on my own values and what was important to me. I hadn’t thought seriously about things that were deal breakers for me, and most significantly, I was unaware that my self-doubt was impacting on my ability to make a confident decision about what I wanted.


The sessions with Steph were both practical and educational, providing a tool-kit of resources for self-evaluation and development.  Through them I was able to develop a clear understanding of my personal values and start to focus on embedding them into my everyday life. I gained insight into those areas affecting my self-belief and confidence, and actively practised methods to reframe and change focus. I embraced the practical tasks, which were fun and boosted my confidence in social situations. And I focussed on looking after myself, becoming the best version of me I could be.


I clearly remember Steph’s commitment to me before undertaking the Coaching Program – “At the end of this, you will either meet the man of your dreams, or you will be so happy with where you are at, it won’t matter.”


And that’s exactly how I feel. The ‘urgency’ has been taken away. I have an overwhelming sense of contentment. I enjoy a range of social activities, go on dates occasionally and focus on enjoying my life.  I have no doubt I will meet the man of my dreams. The difference now is that I will know exactly who he is when he gets here."


                        Michelle G., Sydney, NSW

Life coaching reveiws Sydney

     Steph has been my life coach for the last 6 months. Her guidance and coaching has helped me to identify and secure my dream job. Putting together a strategic plan and through her support, I achieved my goal in a shorter time frame and with better than expected contract terms. I continue to work with Steph on other areas in my life and credit her with my success."


                          L. Cuthbert, Sydney, NSW


- L. Cuthbert, Ryde, NSW

Life coaching reveiws Sydney

      I had my weekly meeting today at work - I went in there feeling centred, as prepared for the meeting as I could be, had an external focus mindset and even though I still felt I wasn’t as articulate as they are, I came away not anxious or too focused on my performance!  I will keep practising the tools that you gave me and will retrain my thinking to believe in myself.  Thank you so much for helping me overcome this!"


                          R.D, Glenmore Park, NSW


- L. Cuthbert, Ryde, NSW

Life coaching reveiws Sydney


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