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Coaching Methods

Everyone needs something different, but no matter what you want to achieve you'll get there a lot faster with support!

During our coaching journey together you'll be guided through a structured process to get you where you want to go.


  • Clarify your goals, direction and purpose

  • Clear limiting beliefs & negative emotions

  • Understanding your own psychology and internal communication and use it to achieve peak performance in the area of life you want to improve

  • Design a clear action path

  • Have space to confidentially discuss  issues that are affecting you, without being judged

  • Have someone on your side who will believe in you until you can believe in yourself

I incorporate a number of techniques to ensure the most effective results for you:



RCT Coaches utilise a number of techniques within the coaching structure, with the purpose of aligning all of your internal and external resources towards a particular goal or outcome, enabling you to tap into your full potential.


A mix of discussion & questioning, activities, education and practical exercises using the techniques below are applied to ensure you are aligned with your goal, are crystal clear on what you want, and know how to get there.



NLP is the study of the mind and the way human beings communicate to themselves and others.  By understanding how you communicate to yourself internally, we can start to rapidly change your behaviour to produce the best possible outcomes in your life.



It's vital in our lives that we have someone to really talk to about the things that are important to us, without fear of judgement or censure.

If you have a particular issue that's on your mind we can explore it fully, to define a clear outcome, strategies to cope, and clarity around the issue.



Contrary to some beliefs you are not "hypnotised" and under another's influence when hypnotherapy is being used.  You are fully aware during the process, but are in a relaxed state so that you can utilise the enormously powerful influence of your unconscious mind.



Life Coaches are not licensed medical professionals and therefore we cannot work with a client who is in trauma, is feeling an extreme/unusual level of stress, who is suffering the short or long term effects of abuse (either emotional or physical), is suffering from very deep grief, who has now or has had depression, has had suicidal thoughts or feelings, is suffering from mental health issues.  This is to keep you safe - we do not want to inadvertently mess with your head or exacerbate any of the above conditions.



Coaching days are:


Evenings: 6.30pm, 7.00pm or 7.30pm



From 8am, every hour to last appointment at 4pm



Please let me know if none of these times are suitable

- I may be able to help.

During a program, sessions are held roughly 2 weeks apart.  This is to allow you time to process & practice what you are learning, & do any tasking that has been agreed, as well as time to see what resistances may arise so we can deal with them.






All sessions are 1 hour and can be held in the following ways:

By Teams, Skype or phone




Direct Bank Transfer

Credit or Debit Card via PayPal

Payment Plan available (direct debit)

All coaching is payable either fully in advance or by Payment Plan.


Terms & Conditions

Intro Sessions are available for new clients only

The above information is accurate as of Jan 2022 but  may be subject to change. Please note: Coaching cannot be claimed on HiCaps or other health rebates, but can be claimed as a business expense 

Payment Methods


When Where Payment
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