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Copyright @ 2014 Stephanie Chan Life Coaching, All rights reserved.

About Steph

With over two decades experience in mentoring, coaching and performance management, I am also a qualified practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy.


I now combine my personal and business knowledge and experience to fast-track others to achieve their goals in any area of life!


Like many of us, I spent years struggling with confidence, self-esteem and anxiety issues.


By the time I reached my early twenties I had some fairly severe social confidence issues.  I understand what it's like to feel disconnected from others, worthless and lost.  At that time I didn't have the know-how to address these problems and did what we all do: existed day to day, doing the best I could.


I filled up the next two decades with unrelenting achievement, believing that this would bring happiness & fulfilment.  I reached General Manager level in a company over three countries at different times, and to all external appearances looked like a successful, "together" person.


But it took a crisis to really start my journey to truly feeling comfortable with myself, understanding where strength, health and happiness come from.  I realised that I wanted to help others achieve their goals - whether in personal happiness or career/business goals.

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       I'd love to share this knowledge with you, and help you on your own unique journey.


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