Simon Wilkins

Management & Business Coach, Mentor, Consultant


​When you work with me we'll focus on what you see as your strengths and areas for improvement? Is something holding you back? Is there a career derailer that you think you have? What are the skills you would like to build upon? Are there challenges in your business that you can't seem to get past?

We can discuss how your approach is impacting your development and results, and where you may need to adjust focus.  We can also discuss specific issues you may be having and look at possible steps to take, including answering your questions about further coaching.

At various stages of their career, I have helped many people better navigate the opportunities and challenges of work.    

I'm looking forward to helping you with all aspects of your career or your business.

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Your tailored coaching/mentoring can include any of the topics and skills covered in my packages, depending on what you need. 

Suitable for new to middle level managers, & business owners

  • Time management and prioritising

  • Staff management

  • P&L analysis and business acumen

  • Success psychology

  • Action planning and accountability

  • Risk management

  • Transitioning from individual contributor to manager

  • Motivating others, & how to get the best from your support team and peers

  • Effective meetings & negotiation

  • Operational strategy and planning

  • Flexible leadership for different situations

  • Presenting skills

  • Coping with stress & overwhelm

  • Dealing with difficult personalities

Suitable for senior management & business owners, up to and including C-level

  • Dealing with Ambiguity

  • Creativity

  • Managing Through Systems and process management

  • Vision and Purpose

  • Comfort around higher management and boss relationships

  • Decision Quality

  • Innovation

  • Learning on the fly

  • Problem solving

  • Strategic agility

  • Managing diversity

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Drive for results

  • Standing alone

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I'm delighted to introduce my coaching partner, Simon 

Developing your success mentality, harnessing your innate leadership qualities, learning strategic planning and thinking, and overcoming the inevitable mental and knowledge hurdles that will arise over your career can be exponentially fast-tracked with a coach.