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The secret I learned over 20 years of dating before finally discovering the key to finding the right relationship is this:

Success in love & relationships has very little to do with anything outside of yourself!


I tried out all the "tricks", tips and programs.  I blamed the men, blamed myself, sometimes felt abandoned, often hurt, and constantly wondered why everyone else seemed to find it so easy to find their "one".


I thought if I just got skinnier, prettier, funnier, better dressed, better hair, wealthier, a higher ranking job...then I would find someone who would stick around...the list was endless!

In the end it came down to what I believed & how I felt about myself.

The evidence for this is everywhere.  We tend to place so much emphasis on how we look, yet there are incredibly good looking, successful & "together" people with zero self-esteem, and some who would not be considered oil paintings who have all the confidence and success in the world! 



Getting to that great space is a journey.  It's neither quick nor easy.  You have to do the work, and you have to be committed to changing...

Do not sell yourself short by giving up on finding a great relationship!  You deserve it, and you can have it!





  • Getting you crystal clear on what (and who!) you truly want

  • Identifying any restrictive or negative beliefs you have, the key things that stand in your way, and working step by step to release these

  • Changing your belief & mindset about yourself and men

  • Learning to understand & work with your own psychology

  • Building confidence & self-belief

  • Discovering & harnessing your own value

  • Learning how to attract the RIGHT type of guy

  • Getting you practising techniques to create dates....easily!

  • Writing a great profile for online dating & managing how you use sites

  • Effective communication with men


Get in touch - I'd love to have a chat with you about your love life and how I can help!


Sydney Life Coach



    When I embarked on my life coaching sessions six months ago, I just wanted to achieve some happiness & contentment in my life after having come out of a really bad relationship some years earlier.  


Steph helped me grow my confidence, confront some long held fears, sparked my enthusiasm & pushed my boundaries to help me find the inner me. 


Now, because of all the work I have done with Steph on myself, I am open again to relationships & I have attracted the most amazing man into my life - I am so excited at what the future might hold & know that none of this would have been possible without walking this journey hand in hand with my life coach." 


                         J. Friedman, Sydney, NSW


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