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Coaches Worth Seeing...

Occasionally I'm full up and not able to take on new clients, so to get you started on your journey I've recommended some coaches that you could go and see. 

It's important to me only to recommend solid  & highly ethical coaches, so I would appreciate your feedback (both good or bad) on your experiences with any of my recommended coaches - I will give them the feedback whilst protecting your anonymity.  Just reply directly to the email you received, or message me through my Contact Page.

Enjoy your coaching!

Steph x

Simon Wilkins

Simon Wilkins is a highly experienced Sydney based Management & Business Coach and Mentor who is incredibly passionate about helping people.  He loves working with people at all levels of management and business ownership - from newly promoted leaders within companies who are transitioning into a management role and need coaching and guidance on all skills, right up to C-Level executives and Business Owners who need advice and mentorship across areas as diverse as Board interactions to crafting strategy. 


He brings warmth, humour and a wealth of experience & patience to his coaching and mentoring, and will give 100% to helping you achieve your goals and improve your skills as a manager, senior leader or business operator.

Email him here, or check out more information about his coaching here.

Kristina Kardum loves helping women level up & create a life they don’t need a holiday from; a life full of purpose, passion & sense of ease about the future – enabled by financial freedom.  She’ll help you to increase your confidence, reconnect with your passions & invite abundance into your life. Life becomes easier when you know how to use the power of money to turn dreams into a living reality.


Her long career in banking & finance, working with the world’s wealthiest 1%, her expertise in behavioural psychology combined with her kind & warm approach will make wealth & abundance easy to understand & attain. 


Explore her website here or email her here to inquire about a complimentary deep coaching session.

Kristina Kardum.jpg
Richard Stanes.jpg

Richard Stanes' aim is to help you maximise your experience of life by helping you connect with yourself, others & the environment. Passionate about how we can make our lives richer & fuller, Richard uses a variety of proven approaches based on psychology, life-sciences & philosophy. With a warm, genuine & relaxed approach, he draws upon his broad interests & experiences of living across multiple countries & working in multiple industries, both corporate & non-corporate.

Richard offers a complimentary Introductory Coaching Session in order for you to experience the power of coaching & establish whether you are a good fit for each other. Visit his website here or email him here

Anne McKeown is a highly experienced coach based in Seaforth, Sydney.  She specialises in working with women on self-esteem, finding fulfillment, feeling alive again, reaching your full potential and taking back control of your life without feeling guilty.  Anne can work with you in person or via skype.


She's an absolutely lovely person and you'll feel completely comfortable with her.

She can do a free 20 minute consultation call with you to get you started.

Visit Anne's website here or email her here.

Find a life coach in Sydney

Derek Zemmin is an accredited Nutritional Therapist & is your best choice for health related coaching.  Derek operates an online, global nutritional therapy & well-being practice aimed at helping clients with life choices, mental & physical stress, vitamin & antioxidant deficiencies, cleansing programs, food plans, sports nutrition, healthy ageing, weight loss & other lifestyle goals.  Derek has personally faced these issues in the past & has made changes resulting in a dramatic lifestyle turnaround.  This result has fuelled Derek’s desire to help others do the same.

Derek uses various techniques in NLP, coaching & nutritional therapy.  He offers a free 20 minute consultation, free 7 day Revive plant based nutrition & mindset program, month by month group programs that run throughout the year & one-on-one individual custom programs. All can be done via internet, phone or email.

Visit Derek's website here or email him here.

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