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Info About Rates

Coaching is one industry where rates may not reflect experience or the value you will get. 

While it's still good to get a general idea, base your decision on the rapport you feel with the coach (an Intro session or chat is a MUST), and their level of life experience.  There is no point paying a lot, OR saving a lot, if your coach has no personal experience of dealing with challenge & cannot deliver the result you want.  Where they trained also makes little difference if they do not have the right level of empathy, awareness & perception.

Unfortunately coaching is not regulated in Australia & anyone can set themselves up as a coach at whatever price point they wish.  I've heard brand new coaches encouraged to set very high rates ($300/hr plus) right from day one before they've even built up any results, credibility or experience.

As a guideline, most coaches will cost in the region of $150-$200 an hour -  single sessions would usually be at the higher end of this scale, while a program of 5 or 10 sessions will usually be a little less.

There are plenty of good coaches in this price range, I personally do not think it is necessary to pay more unless you are looking for very specialist skills or qualifications.  'Executive' or 'Corporate' coaching means very little other than a higher price tag; they use the same methods as other coaches at a similar experience level.  

If a coach is charging a lot less than the above, it doesn't necessarily mean they are no good - they may be just starting out & trying to build their client base.  Again, do an intro session or have a chat and make your decision based on rapport & their life experience.  Choose the coach you feel 'gets you' and that you feel drawn to - your gut may be a better decision maker here than price-comparing!

It's also beneficial to choose a coach with some additional skills like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or similar, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy etc.  They will have additional tools to use in helping you.

Best of luck in your coaching journey!

Steph x

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