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Clearing out the last relationship

Before you've even contacted me....I feel for what you're going through.  I know you're either smack bang in that horrible, hurtful period right after a breakup, OR you're months or even years down the track but still thinking about that person.  Maybe somewhere deep inside hoping he or she will come back into your life.  Obsessing over what went wrong (or how could it have gone wrong since they were the 'one').  Just stuck, and wistfully remembering who you used to be before all this happened.


Some of the most hurtful periods of my life have been in the aftermath of breakups.  Usually from short term relationships where yet "another guy didn't stick around" and I would spend a considerable time feeling worthless, undesirable, alone, and not really understanding what went wrong.  Then I would head straight back into the same pattern with the next one.


Even when I felt I had moved on, I would still be hung up on the ex - the longest time that I was in that stuck place was 7 years!  I couldn't find another relationship because somewhere inside I guess I still hoped he would come back into my life.

On more than one occasion I had ex's who kept trying to stay in contact - to "keep me in orbit".  They didn't want me, but wanted me somewhere nearby as a crutch, a "just in case".

Now that I look back I realise where the problems stemmed from, but back then I just didn't have the skills to identify, work on and ultimately fix the issues within myself that caused these repeating patterns.

If all or part of this resonates, this is probably the right program for you.


This program is for anyone who needs some help to move through the normal negative emotions after a breakup, OR another failed dating experience, OR who is stuck in that place where they just can't seem move on, even years later.  It's also for people who have ex's who won't let them move on, where they keep you hoping for a relationship but committing to nothing:  the imaginary relationship.

  • Recovering who YOU are

  • Working with the natural path of emotions following (& down the path of) a breakup

  • Giving you strategies and tools to deal with these

  • New perspectives and ability to interpret the past relationship in a way that empowers

  • Shifting your focus to the future and creating a vision for what you want

  • Strengthening your values & communication skills to give you different future outcomes

  • Strengthening your sense of identity and self-acceptance/self-love

  • If it's safe and appropriate, I'll also get you ready for dating again with better results

A word of caution:  

Life Coaches are not licensed medical professionals and therefore we cannot work with a client who is in trauma, is feeling an extreme/unusual level of stress, or who has suffered abuse (either emotional or physical), is suffering from very deep grief, who has or has had depression, has had suicidal thoughts or feelings, is suffering from mental health issues.  

This is to keep you safe - we do not want to inadvertently mess with your head or exacerbate any of the above conditions.


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