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        Isn't it crazy that we'll invest in TV's, cars & holidays, yet what makes the most difference to our happiness & success over our lifetime is the thing we invest the least in - our understanding of ourselves, our ability to think & act with clarity, our ability to manage our communication and relationships.
Imagine approaching all your challenges from a place of security, content, self-belief & clear purpose....what will that do to your relationships & goal-achievement?



When it's time to find a Life Coach the choices can be confusing, as we all vary in our methods (learn about my methods).  It's important to feel comfortable & at ease with your coach & understand what we can and cannot do for you. 
Whatever area of life you'd love to change & improve, life coaching tackles the challenge from a number of different points: 

Do you REALLY know what you want?  Clarity first - so often people "know what they want without actually knowing what they want" - I've had people arrive thinking they wanted a particular thing, & leave having realised they were trying to fulfil others' expectations of them.  I'll get you crystal clear on your outcome & on the path to finding your purpose.

What's holding you back? - are your emotions & beliefs helping or hindering you?  I'll help you clear out unhelpful habits or doubts & build self-confidence & self-belief.

A clear path to follow:  together we decide the actions you need to take, put them together into a clear plan and set milestones to ensure that you stay on track.

Control your responses:  learn new ways to interpret events & experiences so that you can control your reactions & thereby take action in a way that brings you closer to your goals.

Be supported all the way:  we all need someone to believe in us until we can believe in ourselves.  I'll be fully behind you & as invested in achieving your goal as you are.
Life coaching is fast becoming the most popular choice for people who want to achieve greater success & make personal changes in their lives because... 




Every coach is different & will specialise in certain areas.  I use a range of different techniques and can work with you in the following areas (see Programs for full range of coaching areas I work on):

Focussing and progressing your life
People often think coaches have it all sorted in their lives, but we are all works in progress & it's very easy to slide backwards sometimes.  I know I benefit from being able to talk through a range of issues with someone, clarify them, tease them apart, and have someone question me & brainstorm options & alternative approaches.

Building Confidence & Self-Esteem
Learning to value yourself in both thought and action is a challenge most people face.  I work with you on discovering your value, learning to see yourself a different way, and teach you different NLP based confidence strategies.

Personal Coaching / Dating Coaching for Women
I specialise in working with single women on dating, finding a relationship & communicating with men.  Finding your Mr Right can be difficult - especially if your self-esteem is low, and/or you're a high-powered career woman who finds it hard to switch off & connect with your feminine energy.
Making your relationship with yourself the strongest one you have is key, plus I will guide you through getting better results out of dating sites (and your time!).  I'll help you write a profile that works, look at your dating strategies, develop a high value image of yourself, build your confidence & self-belief, clear out unhelpful beliefs about men and/or relationships, & learn to communicate effectively with men.

More Info About Relationship Coaching & Dating Advice for Women


Finding your life purpose and direction
One of the most common beliefs that hold people back in their lives is a feeling of being "not good enough".  Feeling disconnected, lacking in purpose and direction, and sometimes just feeling unhappy and not having a clue why.  I work with you to unlock the source of these emotions, get you aligned with your purpose and back to feeling connected to yourself and others.

Business Coaching 
Whilst I have over 20 years of management experience working with projects, business development and staff, I'm now pleased to pass Business & Management Coaching to my coaching colleague, Simon Wilkins, as he has a higher level of experience, having been at CEO level running multi-country businesses.  His wealth of strategic & management experience can be applied to all levels, & not only can he assist high level executives & business owners, but he also coaches & trains/guides new or aspiring managers.

       I can't wait to meet you & get you started on your journey!






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